Sunday, October 30, 2011

House Nestling In The River by Mizuishi Architect Atelier

House Nestling In The River by Mizuishi Architect Atelier

Description :

"House nestling in the river," is a small house located on the site triangle intersect at a sharp angle formed by the river and road. Since the proviso must be authorized by Article 43, plans were in various regulations. House owner is a married couple and their little girl hands. Site variation in a limited area, but because over the promenade and facing the river bank, and thought to create a relationship between the various rivers. Sharp cut in the building part of the plane triangle similar grounds and that the volume and shape of the deformation can maximize hipped in the lane restriction. It is a private first floor level, including storage and Todometa to curtain off the entrance stairs of the race. The second floor is divided into small areas by load bearing walls with integral leads to the ridge of the roof, creates a different relationship with their sense of openness and the river.

Mizuishi Architect Atelier

Main use: Private residence
Location: Suginami Ward, Tokyo Horinouchi
Scale Structure: wooden, two-story
Structure design: Design Engineering kennel Nagasaka
Lighting Design: Lighting Design Institute, Yong Xing Nakajima
Land Area: 52.14 square meters
Building area: 29.07 sqm
Floor Area: 55.24 sqm
Construction: Plain Construction
Period: April 2011 ~ March 2010


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