Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How to Offset an Object In Autocad 2006

Offsetting creates a new object which is equivalent / similar to the selected form object. Offsetting an object will create an object larger or smaller. You can do an offset on some object the following: Arc, rectangle, triangle, ellipse, etc.

To offsetting an object by determining the distance follow this steps :
1. Create an object, example a rectangle.
2. From MODIFY menu, choose OFFSET or click on offset icon on modify toolbar, or type O on command line.
3. Specify a distance of offset, example 2.
4. Select the object that you want to offset.
5. Specify point on side to offset. Do it several times to get number of offset that you want.
6. Press ENTER to end the command.

The pic below show you the history command :
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