Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ref Ring Residence by Atelier Tekuto (Yasuhiro Yamashita)

Ref Ring Residence by Atelier Tekuto (Yasuhiro Yamashita)

Description :

Kanagawa, 2005

The site is located in 2 miles from Kamakura, approach to the mountain surrounded by nature, known as a resort area in Tokyo. The resident is a young family who showed understanding over architecture, preferred to have a spatial characteristic rather than maximizing the space.

The structure of this house is prestressed structure, tensioning by PC steel rod into the laminated wood panel of 120mm×720mm×3,000~5,000mm prefabricated at the factory. This wood panel is not only used as the structure but also as an insulation material, humidity controlling material, and finish material, thus saving the need for other chemical insulation material and finish material contributes to care for environment.

The keywords for this architecture are “Reflection”, “Material”, “Abstractiveness”, and “Cognizance”. There is a big point using wood, which has various characteristics and practical visualization, as an inorganic abstract surface. By feeling though not only the sense of vision, but also sense of touch and smell spice up the space with spatiality and ambiguity. And other thing about this house is that the connection of 2 wooden rings forms the structure of this house. The combination of this 2 rings performs three-dimensional space, however twisting this form made by 2 rings, which cause all the wall slant, and increase the number of directional recognition axis, even widen up the space.

The diffuse reflection of eye when residents try to recognize the space, cause some kind of discord toward the gap in basic spatial sense of human who standardized the space as vertical and horizontal. However using wood material reduces the unfamiliar feeling by the position sensation and changes the discord as the characteristic of space. In this space there is complexly intertwined with various elements.

Atelier Tekuto (Yasuhiro Yamashita)


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