Monday, April 11, 2011

Grey`s Anatomy Monologue & Music Featured Season 3 Episode 7 - 9

Grey`s Anatomy Monologues S03E07 - Where the Boys Are -
Opening :

As surgeons, we are trained to look for disease.
Sometimes the problem is easily detected,
most of the time we need to go step by step.

First, probing the surface looking for any sign of trouble.
Most of the time, we can't tell what's wrong with somebody
by just looking at them.

After all, they can look perfectly fine on the outside,
while their insides tell a whole other story.- dr. Meredith Grey -.
Music Featured :
 Closing :
Not all wounds are superficial.
Most wounds run deeper than you can imagine.
You can't see them with the naked eye.
And then there are the wounds that take us by surprise.

The trick with any kind of wound or disease is to dig down
and find the real source of the pain,
and once you've found it,
try like hell to heal that sucker.- dr. Meredith Grey -.

Grey`s Anatomy Monologues S03E08 - Staring at the Sun -
Opening :

Many people don't know that the human eye
has a blind spot in its field of vision.
There is a part of the world that we are literally blind to.

The problem is, sometimes our blind spots shield us
from things that really shouldn't be ignored.
Sometimes our blind spots keep our lives bright and shiny.- dr. Meredith Grey -.
Music Featured :
Closing :
When it comes to our blind spots,
maybe our brains aren't compensating.
Maybe they're protecting us.- dr. Meredith Grey -.

Grey`s Anatomy Monologues S03E09 - From a Whisper to a Scream -
Opening :

As doctors, we know everybody's secrets.
Their medical histories. Sexual histories.

Confidential information that is as essential to a surgeon
as a ten-blade, and every bit as dangerous.

We keep secrets, we have to,
but not all secrets can be kept.- dr. Cristina Yang -.
Music Featured :
Closing :
In some ways, betrayal is inevitable.
When our bodies betray us,
surgery is often the key to recovery.
When we betray each other,
the path to recovery is less clear.

We do whatever it takes to rebuild the trust that was lost.
And then there are some wounds, some betrayals…that are so deep,
so profound that there is no way to repair what was lost.
And when that happens, there's nothing left to do but wait.- dr. Cristina Yang -.


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