Saturday, April 2, 2011

10 Fastest Ways To Lose Weight

Nobody in this world (other than the SOMO wrestlers) does not want to be slim and smart. Even I tried so many things to lose weight; some of them were really painful like the workouts / hard exercises and Saying NO to tasty food like meats, pasta and fast foods etc. Losing weight is sometimes one of the most difficult tasks and to do it right you have to learn some expert tips and opinions like how to exercise, how to control your diet and what are the best nutrition plans according to your body type,  so below are some of the fastest ways to lose weight, take a look and do follow them and give us feed back by commenting below!
lose weight 10 Fastest Ways To Lose Weight


Mostly people think that when you have to lose weight then you need to avoid food. But the best way is to add food which you really love plus add veggies to you soups and sauces.


The thought of exercise and working out often freak out people, so do something else that is more fun to do, like cycling, grass skiing, making snow angels, beachcombing, washing car, playing with Frisbee plus “enjoying sex” hahaha icon biggrin 10 Fastest Ways To Lose Weight


Whenever the weather is good, do try to walk, even if you get a chance to walk for 10 minutes, just do it.


Don’t go for the food that you love and are with high calories. Like if you love pizza then do eat it. But use it with low fat cheese.


Drink maximum amount of water throughout the day because it helps a lot.


Share your food with some person alike! It is simple, twice the motivation, without twice of an effort.


You can get more exercise by dancing on the music that you love; do that for at least 15 minutes.


You know when you have a small plate then it appears to you that you have more to eat, but when you have same food but larger plate then it is like you have more food.


Get involved in other activities, like watching TV, doing other things that make you happy. Because it is a general concept that, when you are bored, you start eating.


This part is about the later stage when you have lost some pounds. You need to maintain the weight that you lose for 2 or 3 years only then you’ll be a successful loser.


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